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Unity Gaming Revamped - Aztec - 07-27-2019

Welcome to Unity Gaming Revamped. Unity was created back in 2015.

After a few years some of us decided that we missed the fun, the game and especially the community that was the foundation for Unity's success, and we decided then to start all the hard work that included building a server from scratch, setting up a website, TeamSpeak and, reach out to some friends and old people of Unity so we could relaunch this amazing community we used to be part of, and enjoyed doing so.

After almost 8 months we can now with joy in our voices say that Unity Gaming revamped is ready to welcome everyone young and old to have a ton of fun, playing Arma, chatting on TeamSpeak and writing jokes and funny experiences on the forum.

So from all of us to all of you
Welcome to Unity Gaming Revamped!

~Unity Gaming Staff Team