Altis Police Department

Rules and Features

Standard issue handbook




Mission, Vision and Values of the Altis Police Department


The Altis Police Department has the stated mission of: Making Altis safe for all the people we serve.


We will make places safer, cut crime and the fear of crime, and uphold the law. Our vision is to: Make Altis the safest country in the world.


To achieve our mission and vision we will strive to:

treat everyone fairly;

be open and honest;

work in partnership;

change to improve.



All police officers must fully communicate with anyone they are interacting with. Just as in real life, being arrested can be a traumatic event for the suspect and the suspect may exhibit this in a number of ways. Just as in real life, the APD are expected to uphold the highest standards in professionalism and integrity at all times. You are expected to to roleplay at all times and always keep the suspect informed of what is occurring during their detention. Do not ever just restrain someone and leave them hanging around wondering what is going on.


Please remember that you are playing as a police officer and your duty is to uphold the Laws of Altis and not breaches of the Server Rules. Any breaches must be reported to Admin Staff or via our Incident Report system on the forums.


All officers must obey the Laws of Altis at all times.

Teamspeak Rule


  1. All cops must be on Teamspeak 3 in a designated cop channel. Failure to be on Teamspeak during an admin check will result in your immediate dismissal from the force.
    2. Please join Teamspeak BEFORE you spawn in as a cop.



  1. Police may patrol the roads and towns searching for abandoned vehicles and criminal activity.
  2. Patrols can be done on foot inside of a town, or in a vehicle when outside.
  3. Patrols do not include illegal areas. (See Raiding/Camping)

    As a patrolling Police Officer you will be encountering a lot of different people, in different situations.
    Remember to be professional and helpful towards people you encounter, even if you do not agree with what they might be doing/say.

    Patrolling around the Island of Altis will involve a lot of RP as well as taking care of abandoned vehicles.

    Most common situations

    You see a crashed vehicle with injured people.
    This might sound like a very plain and boring situation, but it will be what you make it into. There’s a lot of chances for good rp in scenarios like this. Obviously you are expected to stop and try to aid these civilians, repair their vehicle and provide medical treatment if possible.

    However, you might want to find a cause for the collision, maybe you’d like to make a substance/Alcohol test on the driver?

    One example of a test you can do, involves getting the driver to stand on the white line next to the road, facing yourself also placed on the line about 20-30 m away. When in position, ask the player to walk towards you in a sftraight line.

    A lot of players will find things like these to be a lot of fun, while others won’t. Always make a judgement call by initating RP with the party you encounter and see how they react, then act accordingly.

    Other then that, we encourage freeform RP in scenarios like this.

    Someone leaving an illegal area, such as drug fields
    Here’s another chance to do some more freeform RP.

    You might think that “Hey, they’re doing something illegal, lets shoot their vehicle, stop and arrest them”
    No Officer, This is not the correct way to deal with this.

    You are supposed to stop the vehicle, and question the driver/passengers. There might be a lot of different reasons to why the party actually were at that illegal area.

    You will start by sounding your yelp, (See button labeled YELP next to AC controls, Keybind “F”)
    After sounding yelp when close to the driver, you will react depending on how they react.
    In a lot of cases, the driver will actually pull over and talk to you.

    If this happens, Talk to the party, and ask what they were doing in the area. If you have probable cause you can ask if they consent to a search. But then again, they might have been exploring, and just ended up there.

    If this is the case, you should inform them that the area is known as a hangout for criminals. A very bad place.

    If they refuse to pullover you should on the other hand sound your sirens (Button labeled sirens, next to YELP “Keybind ctrl + F”) and keep following them, possibly call for backup if the party  seems large.

    After a  couple of minutes of chasing them, as they still refuse to pullover, You have the choice of trying to stop the vehicle/s with force.

    Here’s a couple of examples on how to do this.
    Call for backup, and see if you can get a helicopter to follow the suspects, as you pass the party, and try to setup a roadblock.

    Call for backup, ask another unit to set up a roadblock where you believe that the convoy will be heading.

    If you’re a confident driver, and know how to pit maneuver you may attempt to do this, with light taps. However, not recommended for the inexperienced, as a failure in this may result in injuries of yourselves as well as the party you’re following. You want to avoid violence and injuries at all cost. (If any explosions occur from abusing/misusing this, it may be classed as VDM)

    City Protocol


  1. Officers may patrol major cities.
  2. Officers may stop by the car shop to make sure there are no cars that need to be impounded.
  3. Officers may enter the town in a large number should a rebellious act occur. After the area is clear, they need to leave the town again.
  4. The Police HQ buildings are illegal for civilians to enter without authorization, however it is NOT illegal for civilians to be nearby unless they are causing a nuisance.

    Arresting and Ticketing


Arresting should be done to criminals who are considered a danger to themselves or others.

  1. You may not arrest someone if you have given them a ticket and they paid it. (as a double punishment. If they however commit a crime again, which you have not ticketed, they may be arrested if the crime is arrest-worthy)
  2. You must tell the suspect why they are being arrested before you arrest them.
  3. If a civilian is wanted, you may arrest them if you have learned their identity through RP.(Metagaming will be punished). Do not kill them, unless the situation falls under the 'Use of Lethal Force' section.

Ticketing a civilian is considered a warning for the civilian. If they break a law, but do not pose a threat to anyone, you may ticket a civilian.

  1. Tickets must be a reasonable price.
  2. Ticket prices should be based off of the crimes committed.
  3. Refusal to pay a ticket is grounds for arrest.
  4. Giving a civilian and illegitimate ticket, such as $100k for speeding, etc., is not allowed and will result in your removal from the police department.

A complete list of all crimes and the appropriate punishments should be given to officers during training. If in doubt, or if you have not been trained, ask a higher ranking officer what to do

Searching Houses


The APD may raid houses only if the player’s house is involved in the current RP scenario and probable cause exists. When searching houses any illegal items and police items may be seized. All other items are to remain.

Use of Non-Lethal Force


  1. Tasers or rubber bullets should be used to incapacitate non complying civilians in order to restrain them.
  2. Do not discharge your Tasers or rubber bullets unless you intend to incapacitate a civilian, randomly discharging your weapon will result in your suspension.
  3. Only use your Tasers or rubber bullets in compliance with the laws and the rules, do NOT enforce your will on others.

    Use of Lethal Force


Use of Lethal force is only permitted for the protection of your life, another officer's life, or a civilian's life, if and only if non-lethal force would not be effective. Approval from a higher ranking officer required (Will rephrase and insert rank )

Discharging of a weapon when not under threat or not during training exercises is not allowed. Officers caught in violation of this rule can be suspended from the APD.

Failure to follow proper weapons discipline and procedure will get you removed from the server and suspended from the APD.



Cops are encouraged to set up checkpoints in strategic areas to help combat illegal activity and promote safety on the road.

  1. A checkpoint must consist of 3 or more officers, utilizing 2 or more vehicles.
  2. A checkpoint can not be setup within 500m of an illegal area. Basically, you cannot set one up on top of an illegal area.
  3. Checkpoints may only be setup on roads, but it does not have to be on a crossroad.
  4. Checkpoints do not have to be marked on the map.

Proper Checkpoint Procedure:

  1. Have the driver stop the vehicle at a safe distance and turn off the engine.
  2. Ask the driver and any passengers if they have any weapons.
  3. Ask the driver and any passengers to exit the vehicle. If they have weapons, do not immediately restrain them when they get out, tell them to lower their weapons and give them a reasonable amount of time to do so.
  4. Ask them where they are headed to and from.
  5. Ask if they will submit to a search.
  6. If they allow a search, you may restrain them and search them.
  7. If they do not submit to a search, you must let them go, unless there is probable cause.
  8. After the search is done, you may allow them to re-enter their vehicle and drive away.
  9. In case anything illegal is found, the person may be ticketed or arrested depending on the crime.



  1. Vehicles in a parking lot, or are reasonably parked elsewhere should be left alone.
  2. Vehicles that look abandoned, broken, with no driver, can be impounded.
  3. Boats should be parked reasonably on shore.
  4. Any vehicle that hasn't moved in a significant amount of time may be impounded.
  5. Impounding is an essential job for a cop, it helps keep the server clean and less laggy.
  6. If in doubt, always search the vehicle and message the owner before impounding.
  7. Do not impound vehicles during ongoing roleplay.



The following speeds are to be enforced by the Altis Police Force for the absolute safety of the citizens of Kavala and all traveling beyond the city.

Inside major cities:

Small roads: 60km/h

Main roads: 80km/h

Outside major cities:

Small roads: 80km/h

Main roads: 120km/h



  1. No helicopter can land within city limits without authorization from the highest ranking officer online. (Exceptions being what is listed below).

Medical aviation

Small towns: An appropriate location may be chosen. This is to be judged by officers on a case by case basis.

  1. Helicopters may not land on roads.
  2. Police may temporarily forbid landing at said place but it cannot remain closed for a long period of time.
  3. Helicopters cannot fly below 150m over the city without authorization.
  4. Helicopters cannot hover over the city. Cops may only hover over the city if there is an active police operation going on.

    The Federal Reserve


  1. The Federal Reserve is illegal for civilians to enter, unless they have been given authorization. If civilians enter without authorization they are to be escorted off-site or arrested if they persist.
  2. Helicopters flying over the Federal Reserve may be asked to leave and disabled if they refuse.
  3. If the Federal Reserve is getting robbed, it is encouraged that all available officers move in to stop it.
  4. Nearby officers should immediately head to the Federal Reserve to assist. Petty crimes can be dropped during a robbery.
  5. Lethal force on bank robbers may be used if no other alternative is available.
  6. Police may not fire blindly into the building. (Specific suppressive fire however, is perfectly fine)
  7. Any civilian who actively makes an attempt to block the police from entering the building may be treated as an accomplice.
  8. Supervisory officers may hire individuals or contract a group of people to work as security guards for the Federal Reserve. (Known Upstanding Civilians)

Crisis Negotiation


Crisis Negotiation must be handled by a trained negotiator. If one is not available then the person with the next highest rank must handle the situation.

Illegal Areas

  1. Do not stay in an illegal area unless it is part of a raid. see Raiding/Camping.
  2. If you chase someone into an illegal area, call for backup.
  3. Under no circumstances is an officer allowed to camp any illegal area.



Legal Weapons for Civilians to carry with a permit:

  1. 4-five
  2. Rook
  3. ACP-C2
  4. PDW2000
    5. PMM
    Any other weapon (Including Silenced P07 Considered a Police Weapon) is illegal.
  5. Civilians are not allowed to have a weapon out within the town limits.
  6. Civilians may have a gun out when they are not in the town. However they should submit to a license search if confronted by an officer and should have the gun lowered (Press Ctrl Twice).



Raiding is defined as a squad of police officers invading an area of high criminal activity in order to stop the criminals in illegal acts.

  1. All civilians in a raid area may be restrained and searched. If nothing illegal is found, you must let them go.
  2. If illegal items are found during a search, you may proceed to arrest or fine as usual.
  3. Lethal force is only authorized as described under 'Use of Lethal Force'.
  4. After the area is secure, the officers must leave the area.
  5. An area cannot be raided again for 20 minutes after a previous raid.
  6. If the raid is a failure (All officers die), the hour timer still applies to those officers.
  7. Backup may be called in, but it may not consist of fallen officers (see 'New Life Rule').

Camping is defined as the prolong stay of an officer in an area.

  1. Checkpoints are not considered camping. See Checkpoint section for a definition of proper checkpoint procedures.
  2. Camping of illegal areas is staying longer than needed after a raid, or if officers do not conduct a raid but continue to watch and take action against civilians entering the area.